What makes Cruz Cases Different?

Not all microwave blocking cases are the same! Some radiation cases fit on the back of the phone. They block the microwave signals directed out the back and reflect them back to the front, in the direction of your head. WHAT? Cruz cases patented flip lid technology blocks the microwave signals directed to the front of the case and reflects them back to the cell tower, protecting you....

CES show in Las Vegas

Cruz Cases were well received in this year’s CES in Las Vegas.  Expect new distribution soon. Right now Samsung Galaxy S5 Cruz cases on sale and ready for shipping.

Galaxy S5 cases arriving

We are expecting the arrival of the S5 Cruz Cases into the warehouse. That means two thing.  1) Customers that have ordered the S5 Cruz Cases will soon be receiving their product order.  2) The pre-order special on the S5 cases will be ending soon. So pass the word to friends and family now to receive the...

mobile phone health warnings

We love mobile phones. But does this love affair have health consequences? A growing number of mobile phone users say YES, it does. And rightly so. Cell phone’s microwave signals are reported to break down the blood brain protective barrier. Consequently toxins in the blood can enter into the brain.

Product Launch

Cruz Case.  Smart Phone case blog announcing its ultra thin designer case adding 1 mm to the phone profile with the best microwave radiation protection on the planet. Coming in December 2014.