Product Information


Reflectrex Bio Shield
Credit card holder
360 dent resistant protection
Display Screen Protection
Ulta Thin Design
Privacy Guard


Dust cover
Ultra slim design
Fashion Design
Keeps screen clean
Patented Pending Cover Guard
Keeps phone looking new

Your Perfect Case

We love our smart phones. Now use them more safely.  Cruz Cases blocks the cell signals aimed at your head without you changing the way you use your smart phone. Why take risks?

The Case

Cruz Case neon organe liner

Health Wellness Lifestyle Cruz Smart Phone Cases

When you don’t want powerful cellular signals directed into your head.

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What Our Customers are Saying

I use my phone every day, actually every hour that I am awake.  The video with the meter shows me this case work. I feel so much better.  The best phone case I ever had!

Cathy S.

…sophisticated, educational in a direct, simple way w a stylish European flare, both pleasant and convincing
The case has evolved its classy, high-end look…Great job!
Linda M.

I use my cell phone every day while I’m on the road and make 100’s of calls a day .I  feel better about using my cell phone so much  knowing that the Cruz protects me from Cell radiation

Mike D

This is a cool phone case I’ve owned.  I love it.  And honestly I was not worried about the microwave radiation. So that feature is a nice bonus.

Chris A.