San Francisco’s “Cell Phone Right to Know” ordinance

Over the past few years, many online articles appear by government agencies and health institutes alike warning consumers not to hold the phone next to the head or body.  In 2011 San Francisco’s “Cell Phone Right to Know” ordinance was passed to educate the general public about steps they can take to reduce their exposure to cell phone radiation. In September 2012, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit forced SF to remove the ordinance following a law suit by CTIA, Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association. Now various States and cities are pushing for bills for health warning labels on cell phone packages.

Former dot com CEO, John Cruz, the Founder of Cruz Cases, states; “When cell phone manufacturers caution consumers not to hold the device next to the head in their instruction manuals, people should listen. While the health debate lingers, I want Cruz Cases to give consumers a choice right now.”

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