Cruz iPhone Cases block microwave signal directed toward head

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My Smart Phone Just Got Smarter

Cruz Cases (Salt Lake City UT) Cruz cases now releasing its iPhone Cruz Case providing protection from the microwave signals directed toward your head.  Are the microwaves signals a concern?

Mobile phone manufacturers instruct users not to hold the mobile device next to the head. Anyone listening?  ” There are just too many warnings published not to give it attention”, say John F Cruz, designer of Cruz Cases. “And now our patent pending case offer a designer brand solution.”

A growing consumer market is paying attention to the cell phone health warnings published globally. The problem reported by health professionals and scientists is the microwave signals your phone transmits to send voice and data to the cell tower, also breaks down the blood brain barrier potentially allowing toxins in the blood stream to enter the brain. Cruz Cases are offered to provide a solution to those that don’t want to take risks.

Cruz Cases patent pending flip lid technology block the cell phone’s microwaves signals directed out the front of your phone to your head and body and reflect them back to the backside of the phone to the cell tower. Product video demonstration.

To use, simply flip down the flip cover, answer the call, and flick the cover back over the face of the phone.  Talk through the unique flip cover with perfect clarity. Keep the flip lid between body and phone when carrying in any pockets too.

In addition, the ultra thin Cruz case preserves the iPhone’s sleek look. Users with and without microwave signal concerns will be attracted to the convenient credit card holder and privacy guard.

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