Testing Cruz Cases for signal attenuation

Cruz Cases does not take the public position cell phones create harmful radiation.  But with so many health institutions, scientists and government agencies up against the cellular industry- we say- Why Take the Risk?

Therefore, we tested a variety of materials manufactured to reflect cell phone frequencies.  Our goal was to get the most effective attenuation design for cell phone frequencies of 20dB or greater in an affordable product.  Cruz Cases can achieve up to ~60dB.  While total blocking is unrealistic, cellular signals directed to the head should be greatly reduced by the patented Cruz Case engineered design.

Is testing protection a straight forward process? For most untrained consumers, this is not true.  Meters are designed for near and far field testing.  Some for both.  What are you testing? Meters usually have fixed or selected frequencies , frequency ranges and/or radiation settings to detect.  Is your meter set for WIFI? Microwaves? Radiation?  VLF? Perhaps overall EMF? You must understand what frequencies you are testing for and ensure that your meter is set to test for those frequencies.  Cheaper meters test for a range of frequencies which might fall outside those transmitted by your phone. Your own body can trigger a meter if not set correctly.  Set incorrectly and your meter will report incorrect detection. Leave it to the professionals!

In additional you need to understand where to test front, back, top, bottom, sides?  Which is it?  Where do you hold the meter?  On the phone? On the Case?  Above the phone? Where?  Your handheld meter might pick up bounce back off the walls triggering a false meter reading that trigger a meter.  Are you testing when the phone is in use or on standby, ringing or receiving?  As you can see knowing how to test is critical when determining if you are getting proper protection.  We worked hard to confirm the materials we used and design would greatly reflect back the target signals.  The best method to have confidence of the reflective properties in through an anechoic chamber as conducted by Cruz Cases. Cruz cases also had the manufacturer of testing meters perform independent testing to confirm manufacturer’s specifications. If you are not sure of the product or believe our testing is in error, then don’t buy the product. Because we stick to a strict all sales are final. Read why further below down the page.

We feel confident proper use of the Cruz Case will significantly reflect back the cellular signals directed out the front of the phone.  This is why we have the all sales final policy.  This avoid debates. We don’t expose our methods, manufacturers and designs to competitors.  If you proceed with a sale, you can have confidence it our testing and product.   With proper use by talking through the flip lid with perfect clarify and no noticeable signal loss. We and those in the industry know, Cruz Cases offer greatly reduce exposure.  Flip back the flip lid to the back of the phone while texting if you are concerned about your hand having exposure. Although, health professionals report this is much a lesser issue than soft tissue exposure.




No refunds you say?  Cruz Cases are packed clean and sanitized. When you use the flip lid design, you hold the case next to your skin and oils, dirt, makeup, and lotion is transferred to the case.  What you touch in your hands, chemicals, dirt, food naturally would come in contact with your case by you.   As you would not want to use someone’s else case even though it looks news and had been wiped down. Neither do we.  It is not the same product as initially packed.  Once the case is shipped. The deal is done and all sales final for your protection and ours.  A standard worth maintaining.  So product testers beware.  We maintain this policy for those customers that want a quality product, new, clean at the cost efficient price and unhampered by curious testers only, that buy and return.  If you are unsure, don’t buy. .